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Weddings and Birthdays and Pottery, Oh My!

Thinking of planning an event? Let's take a peek at couple of fantastic parties we've recently hosted!

1. Laura's Wedding Shower!

Guests selected pieces to paint and gift to the bride and groom- a great way to show love for a happy couple!

We loved the decorations- it always gives an event a personal touch. Friends and family mingled and snacked on what were frankly BEAUTIFUL cheese plates.

My favorite part of events like these is always chit chatting with the guests- especially learning why someone is choosing to paint what they do. More often than not, when people paint gifts it features a specific inside joke/snarky memory/sweet pun.

2. Emma's 7th Birthday

This cake was HAND MADE. This is the coolest cake a kid could dream up (there were m&m's inside!!)

And just. This was just a straight up BEAUTIFUL party, y'all.

The first hour was mainly devoted to getting the kids settled and painting, with the next hour for cake and presents. Pieces are always ready 7 days after firing, and parties are packed into a bag with the kiddo's names on the wrappings for easy pickup and distribution.

Big thanks to everyone for letting me snag some pics of your awesome events! Hopefully this garners a little bit of INSPO for anyone planning future events!