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Gallery Opening Party

It's official folks, The Dive Art Gallery is open for business! Located in the back of Anecdotes Pottery Studio, The Dive is an art space devoted to showing work of poc, queer, and femme artists. To celebrate this milestone in our journey to building a multifaceted, inclusive art space we threw a little party for ourselves, friends, and greater Ballard community as part of Ballard Night Out.

The night started off with singer-songwriter Valerie Cavell, who performed a set of original work comprised of keys, jazzy vocals, and backing cajon.

Next up was KREEA, another Seattle singer-songwriter, backed by Pete Kim who helps fly her poetry into ethereal electronic slappers. Her voice dips and dives with story and sound, her music matching her own spontaneous sways on stage.

She ended her set with guest Marcian Jamel Moxey, whose voice only adds to the layered fabric woven by KREEA and Kim.

folks chillin in our backyard between sets

Thanks for coming out y'all!! We are currently showing the work of five different artists, all of which will be up through October (and who will have a post of their own, so stay tuned).

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen!! We love you so much!!!