A relaxing activity for a not so relaxing year

Staying home? Need a fun, crafty project for kids? Want to paint some pottery to decorate your home space? We are now offering Paint at Home Kits! 

Each Paint at Home Kit includes five 1 oz cups of glaze per pottery piece, written tips and tricks for painting, plus whatever pottery and add ons (brushes, stamps, etc) you choose ($35 pottery minimum). Fill out the form below, and we will give you a call for payment. You can check out descriptions and prices of our inventory available by clicking on our Pottery Options tab.


As we process your orders, it may take us a few days to respond!


Just pop by during any of our regular open hours. We are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8pm, Saturday from 2-5pm, and Sunday from 10-1pm. If our hours change for any reason, they will be posted on our instagram.


+$5 for an assortment of surprise stamps/texture tools

+$6 for a set of 6 brushes

+$3 for a paint bottle pen

+$1 per extra paint cup

+$3 for special speckle paint!

+$1 for a plastic straw (for bubble art)

+$1 for three doilies (for doily art)

+$1 for a sponge (for sponge art)

Stay at Home Kit
Minimum pottery order $35. Add on as many extras as you like!


What pottery pieces do you want? Options can be found on the Pottery Options tab, please specify if you are choosing from the Pottery Graveyard

Extras! Check as many as youwant!

List 3 pottery options for us to substitute in case we are out of stock of your choice!

What 5 paint colors do you want? Options can be found on the Pottery Options tab. Additional $1 per extra cup of paint.

Thanks for submitting!